Welcome Here!

It’s been a Rough Ride with for me & WordPress, the server software that runs this site.

Since I registered artoflogic.com some 15 years ago this site’s  mostly gone with little or no web content  as I used the domain name for Emails and development alone. About a year ago I decided to put up or shut up and so it languished the first few months of its life with a dumb “Hello World” article and a few roughed out graphics and some menus.

Fast Forward 2016 & having just upgraded my radio show site http://www.zen.kvmr.org from a program called Joomla!-
Figured it was Time Here to do so too.

Seems  like in this short time there have been a lot of Updates coming down the line with disturbing rapidity plus it looks like the plugins interface and theming are anything but secure-
Ease of use cannot correspond to security and it has indeed been easy to use- perhaps TOO easy.
Early on I noticed to my dismay for example that installing a Plugin adds elements both to the single MySQL Database and to the web portion of the site and that Uninstalling many plugins DOES NOT cleanly reverse these changes- It’s too much like Windows for my liking where no such thing as a clean uninstall can exist and one must think carefully about trial install’s consequences…

I wanted for example finer control over the Media Library so I could store sets of images in their own folders corresponding to particular posts (unlike this one, Iusually  love to illustrate the blogs) .

After trying a couple Media management Plugins the site ‘died’ with complaints of “Too Many Redirects” from the Browser making it obvious experimental plugin use was very much a trapdoor affair- you will NOT get back where you were by uninstalling these  things.
Which I still had access to the wp-admin interface it offered NO solutions!

So Ill be writing a Cron Job in Linux to archive the MySQL database and pack a copy of the Site. Best I could tell it was an error in the Database that caused the site problem rather than its web files as that’s when I noticed a lot of Tables that had not originally been present.
Nothing but a restore to a factory MySQL blanked database fixed anything! No amount of cookie clearing or browser switching fixed a Darn Thing, and the forums were full of what was obviously lashing out in the dark remedies