Video Transcription

Art of Logic is pleased to offer Computer Video Transcription Service; Give us your taped videos: 
VHS,  Compact-VHS, 8MM Compact tapes in all three formats (Analog, hybrid and DV digital)
and native DV video tapes in many formats::
We do not YET convert movie/cine film.
Sony BetaMax Conversion will be available soon

You will get back  one computer file per analog tape that you can process with digital editing equipment. We do minimal editing,
just topping and tailing the video beginning and end, then compressing it with modern high-efficiency HEVC H265 codec and
AAC Audio. 
If you have true digital DV tapes, you will get back multiple files that correspond to the timestamp on the tape of the ‘scenes’ that you shot.

We can supply USB3 Flash Drives to return to you, or you can supply your own media.
Additional charge for making unedited DVDs with 10 minute chapters.
We can distribute your movies over the Internet too. Ask.

We use Sony high quality analog to digital conversions and can make some corrections for audio sync and basic corrections. Having found those inexpensive USB digital conversion kits unsatisfactory,
we resorted to the Sony conversions for far better quality.

Conversion rate of up to about 30GB/hr raw “AVC” mode and 0.75gb/hr HEVC compression. The former is better suited if you intend to feed the result into movie editing software; please supply your own storage media if you want raw video- It will be large.

Some cassette repairs can be performed like broken cases and tape re splicing.  Please check the condition of your tapes before handing them over- We cannot be responsible for tapes found uncopyable from problems with the way they were stored- near magnets, heat, dust, etc..
Modern HD TVs with USB ports may be able to play back the video, and all computers made within the last 5 years will be able to play these videos. We strongly recommend the use of the so called VLC Movie Player for PC, MAC & Linux.
(A seperate page to follow detailing actual operation)
With this you can easily :
– Scroll back and forth quickly along the full length of the
longest movie, pause, speed up,slow down forward & reverse movies
– resume playing where you left off if you exit viewing
– Easily ‘record’ one or multiple sections of the full movie out to separate file(s) 
– Pause and ‘grab’ screen-shot still pictures
– Continually play any number of videos in succession from a playlist you make
– Add your own subtitles and a lot more!

Basic cost per tape (not by time) is $19 US which you can drop off or mail

* Be sure you have the right to make copies of movies concerned.
* Do ask if you have non USA tapes such as European PAL,
French SECAM etc, some of which we can convert.
* Yes, we do AUDIO conversions too– 1/4′