What Art Of Logic Has Done

Security, reliability, compatibility, usability
Mac, PC, Android, IOS, Linux.
We sell no hardware or software but provide consulting and links
Recent / typical Projects
Efficient reliable Domain Name Registrations & moves
Wordpress installs from scratch
Wordpress Migrations
DNS comnfigurations for spam-proofing: SPF, DNSSec, Etc.
Google’s GSUITE (Free for Nonprofits!)
MySQL/MariaDB integration
PHP Programming and trouble shooting
Custom security and efficiency plugins
Search Engine sitemap generations
Free Secure Certificate (SSL) integraton
Recovering files from various storage using Linux
Linux installs on otherwise obsolete hardware
Charitable donations of equipment and services
EMail / DNS troubleshooting
Home & Office Internet troublehsooting
Remote systems management
Grant applications for low cost hardware & software
VOIP (Voice Over IP) Hardware/Software
Virtual “PABX” installation and operations
Migration of old hardware and software to new.
Backup strategies, testing  and recoveries

File conversions, example, ClarisWorks/Appleworks .CWK to any modern work proccesor, wordperfect etc.

What We Don’t Do but can refer out:
Data Recovery from physically damaged media
Web Design
Team programming- (small individual projects only)
Marketing, sales.
Google AdWords/AdSense (though I will troubleshoot installs)