Or Ignitor!  Instructor: Paule Castro

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Building your analog and digital stack (Art & Logic) or,
If you do not know where you are going you will likely get there
Some Thoughts:
Humans mess up. So use a computer to really do a Good Job!
But you may not need one at all…
But if you have one,
you need MORE than one as reserve and backup.
Decent refurbished PC laptops can be got for as litle as $149 with a 1 year warrant from overstock.com, amazon.com
MACs are about 3x this amount, same palces.
Search for “Refurbished PC”
Used/Refurbished MACs from http://www.macofalltrades.com
SmartPhones  from http://www.decluttr.com

Instructor: Paule Castro

  • Websites
  • Hardware
  • Online tools
  • Social Media

The Art of Logic is a software consulting company destined to help make and keep technology as your slave not your master.
I did not set out to have a business and lose money;
I set out to get paid for what I loved and not lose money.

I have been a sole proprietor since about 2001 with a mainly software company that enables me to travel and learn every day
I do not re sell hardware or any goods but I do make suggestions.
I have had a fortnightly (every 2 weeks) hour long call in radio show Wednesdays on KVMR for 20 years
Most of my clients are local nonprofits, small businesses of 1-5 people and specialized niche operations like security camera and “The Internet Of Things” projects.
I Suggest if you want to understand how to do business with Non Profits in our area the website and seminars by  “The Center For Nonprofit Leadership” to understand them- Or be one yourself.

I am a techead and troubleshooter. I was never, I thought, a marketer, administrator,  or advertiser and certainly not a businessman. There are many things you may consider that you are not, so as i did: “Fake it til you make it”

I never wanted my own business, I just wanted money for what I liked to do (and still do enjoy)- However- Here I am, all of the above in some degree! I had to figure out early on what sort of person I really was, rather than who I thought I was or who I wanted to be.
I have a lot of spontaneity, dislike abstract or academic study yet love learning, not much self discipline and an aversion to fixed hours and places, so, i am in the perfect industry!
What about you?

Robert’s brief was ”
The Analog and Digital Stack”
For Digital I take this to mean hardware like computers and smartphones, Software, programs and apps.

For Analog  I take this to mean the Human end-
Wetware. (your Brain as Hardware) Psychology, motivation and above all weaknesses to discover:
How shall we close the gap between Intention and Action?
Procrastination and frustration and motivation?
Personality Matching.
If you cannot do the Job, know how to refer it out rather than emply someone. Pay it  forward!


  • Define your ‘Problem’ and be aware of what you may not realize
    This is called the DK effect (Dunning-Kruger) or, one’s oblivion of one’s own ignorance.
  • “AAA” Paradigm: Mine means my: Availability, Affability, Ability.
  • Lean Into Discomfort– Pattern seeking and habit are the Enemy
  • Be Pulled Up From Above

Your Business Identity:
I gave my ‘company’ a name early on: The Art of Logic
Pick something short, accurate, succinct, and memorable.
Like naming a child it will not come at once.
Try saying the name once to several people and see if they can repeat it back accurately, then ask what kind of business they think it might be?
For $12 a year you can register the Domain Name
(Mine is: “ArtOfLogic.Com”)
IF it is NOT already taken so CHECK FIRST even of you do nothing with it yet. Later this will give you Web Pages, Email Addresses etc to enhance your identity
I value my privacy so rent a PO box for the Business at about $80/yr
rather thatn give out my address

You COULD use your own name, and why not? But psychologically, running you own business can be intense and a separate named identity makes it easier to separate yourself from it and maintain perspective-
Even as a sole proprietor, simplifying tax and legal issues.
I registered a DBA (Doing Business As..) with the County 
to put on Credit Cards, checks, invoices etc.
This does not make you a business per se- It just gives a legal basis for operating with something other than your own name

Business Items:
Premises * An Office? Mine is a 12 x 12 room separate from the rest of the house which gives my Business  its own clear identity.

BUT you do not need one as such.
Tax wise you can claim the proportion of your house space and that fraction of mortgage and utilities can be claimed.
I use Turbo Tax Home and Business which helped me with this
$120– Likely you can buy it for less on AMAZON.com

However: 90% of what i do is ‘virtual’ , and not in the Office.
By phone, email, remote control and notes

Accounting Client management (CRM)
– I use the iPhone Contacts Database. especially as “iCloud”
(the Apple Cloud) Backs things up nicely.
How do we know? Use the same Apple ID and login in to this Apple site: https://www.icloud.com
You can also use that site to locate and wipe your lost Apple Devices. Try it!
If you cannot see something there, it did not get backed up.
All my clients are marked as such to separate them from personal stuff– I chose this as nearly all clients in our small town are friends and vice versa, but not all.

Inventory: (Things)
I do not sell things, but I have my own things and my clients have their things, so in my Service business it is not really ‘inventory’ in the normal sense

I MARK (with a ‘Paint Pen’ most of the equipment I use and photograph serial numbers and model numbers of my own and my client’s equipment so I know at tax time what to include WITHOUT having to plow through the hardware : )
This is attached to the clients records so a simple caller ID for a missed call and I can pull it all up.

Marketing * Sales Cards * Outreach
I did not get to mention much of this. You can easily promote your business if you are willing to engage in free Show and Tell– It helps if like me you are an extrovert. Otherwise– Show your Stuff on a Facebook Page, Blog, Videos on a YouTube channel– you name it.
Good business cards here at VistaPrint: 
Hand them out EVERYWHERE & be sure it has your BUSINESS Email & Website etc.

I did not cover much of this in the Seminar- I actually have all the clients I can handle, do not want employees and refer extra work out, so I am not much help in this : ()

Hardware: Transport! Smartphone. Good Plan. Redundancy, Fallback

Software. Free ^& Cost.
“How could anything free be any good?” (What’s Free??)
“How could stuff that cost so much be so awful”
‘Freemium’ and ‘if you are not buying something,
you ARE the Product.

Get an account on Google JUST for your Business & separate from anything personal. It’s Free.

GMAIL/Google. Separate Email account.
Like: YourBusinessName@Gmail.Com (to start with)
On NO account use yahoo!, Hotmail, SBCGLOBAL, Comcast Email- Security hell and unreliable!

ONE single Google Account will give you:

S.A.S.: I dislike Subscriptions, but can be Useful
TeamViewer Remote Control (Consensus)
Facebook for Outreach!
Blog Posting