Let’s re do the Front Page
heh Paule? Things get so  Messy…

Welcome to the Art of Logic

Posts, Pages and News. My name is Paule Castro; I do a Bunch of Odds n Ends most of which are not mentioned here,
like the Zen Tech Radio Show which is mentioned there not here. : )

Let’s see how the boundary between art & technology goes today!
I test a lot of other people’s web technology and have had very little ‘internet presence’ out-front until recently. Mostly it’s been what goes on under the hood, behind the scenes and in the basement of the Internet

ArtOfLogic.Com was registered August 2001 for some now forgotten prototyping project, and to get the Email addresses after I sold Aub.Com plus its old address rgs@aub.com

I find it intriguing now to load pages that get found and interact with like-minded folks on the many hardware and software hacking projects going on.
Plus, I like WordPress, the software I now use  to make it.
Not a Lot- it has its failings, but then who or what does not?
I got here via Dialup Bulletin Board Systems in the early 1990s, then Internet News Groups, then PHPbb for  my  Zen Tech Radio Show Blog, then Joomla! then to This, in 2014 or so.