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THIS IS NOT YET COMPLETE! (Nov-28-2021) Checklist for Steps on moving site: Get Consent from Site Owner & Former Host CHECK existing site for issues and errors AVOID anyone else moving any Parts Gather all usernames and password: For Domain … Continue reading

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Reset Android Phone

The android phone such is made by LG, Samsung and others can over time become cluttered with software and files and unusable, this can affect the speed of operations and even call quality This can happen naturally over time as … Continue reading

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Lightwaves DVD

“LightWaves” From Nov 2002 Mysterious Video I got from a DVD in my collection?!

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Bus Speeds

Not taling about public transport here so much is the interface on computers whether they are Mac or PCs, to communicate with peripherals,  a.k.a. outside devices. I would give credit for this graphic but I can’t remember where it came from … Continue reading

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Check You Cables!

This describes an instrument to check allsorts of different cables. This is  an ethernet cable being checked, Although the RJ11 ethernet plug has got eight conductors only four are needed for basic network communications two receive and two transmit pairs … Continue reading

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